IMPLAN Pre-Conference Workshops

IMPLAN is expanding its commitment to providing professional training and educational opportunities for users of the IMPLAN modeling system. IMPLAN will offer their Introductory Training Workshop Tuesday, June 6 and Wednesday June 7. Cost for the two-day training is reduced to $1,000 for those also registering for the MCRSA/IMPLAN conference. The cost is $1,375 for those attending only the workshop training.

IMPLAN also will offer a special four-hour Advanced IMPAN Symposium during the morning, Wednesday, June 7. The Symposium will take a deep dive into topics of trade flow data, Multi-Region Input-Output (MRIO) analysis, and the Social Accounting Matrix (SAM). Cost for the Symposium is $50.

During the afternoon on Wednesday, June 7, IMPLAN will offer two consecutive 2-hour free demos of the new IMPLAN platform. Attendees will receive a free trial of the new platform. There is no cost to attend the demonstration.

Participants are strongly encouraged to select the appropriate training program. The Advanced IMPLAN Symposium assumes a solid working knowledge of the IMPLAN modeling system.

All participants should bring their own notebook computer to the Introductory Workshop. A computer is not required for the Advanced Symposium.

Click the links below to get additional details about the workshops.

Introduction to IMPLAN Pro Pre-conference Workshop

Advanced IMPLAN Symposium